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The Berlin author and writer Marcus Schütz takes you into worlds of mystical realism, urban fantasy, dramatic adventures, action-packed thrillers, but also travel documentaries, Russian family sagas, and contemporary literature. His works are cross-genre and can hardly be pigeonholed.

Meilenweit, Buchtitel



The treasure of the Knights Templar. Hidden in Berlin-Tempelhof.


The teenagers Sophia, Lukas and Marek discover a mysterious parchment. A dangerous adventure begins ...


Years later they open an underground vault in Berlin-Tempelhof and not only unearth the Holy Grail. While archaeologists from the Bode Museum scrutinize the artifacts, Sophia disappears. The police come across traces of blood. The adventure turns into an exciting thriller, mutated into a mystical journey between yesterday and today, between Orient and Occident. But Sophia remains missing ...


A fantastic all-ager that combines the Middle Ages and the 21st century.


A real film template.


Templar Knight, Tempelhof, Treasure, Baphomet, Holy Grail

A grandiose and exciting trip around the world, for everyone who would go in search of the Grail;). The author really leaves nothing out: tension, mystery, story, love - everything is included. It's just fun!

Stefanie G.

A book that is as versatile as I have hardly read any before ... Thanks Marcus Schütz - Great cinema !!!


Petra Püter - read yourself happily - books

The story is able to captivate you very quickly, which is due to the very pleasant writing style of the author who uses the tension organ again and again: a genius!


The author succeeds in creating a successful fantasy adventure from the numerous genre elements that go into his book, which should be worthwhile for all fantasy fans.

FrankW. - Eisenacher Rezi-Center

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