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Schütz has a doctorate in biology. Today he works as an author and chiropractor in Berlin.


Schütz became known as an author through his Knights Templar novel "Miles Away", a film-ready mixture of urban fantasy, thriller and adventure, as well as the illustrated book "Brandenburg - Distance and Proximity". His Soliloquium “gene laboratory” sees itself as a travel story through the 20th century.


With exciting travel documentaries in video format, he created the label “authentic films”.


As a biologist, Schütz worked in laboratories in Berlin, Prague, Berkeley, Sydney and Hawaii. He did field research in the jungle of Panama, underwater in Nicaragua and of course in Europe.


Schütz is a trained diver, passionate motorcyclist and looks after the Shapka Berolina, a crown for Berlin.


His motto as Berlin ambassador: "Be Occident, be Orient, be Berlin!"



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