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Complete monotony

Updated: May 16, 2021


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If I accidentally turn on the radio in the morning to start the day with good-mood music, I am beaten to death with the same long-term advertising from the pharmaceutical companies: 30,000 new infections, the incidence rose to 300, yesterday 250 people died on-without-over-under Covid19, reports the Robert Koch Institute. Kindergarten open, school closed, blah blah blah. There is no end in sight to the hysterics and haven't we had it before in East Germany? The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany Erich Honecker thanked the workers of the VEB Combine "Schwarze Pump" for ... blah blah blah.

Robert Koch would turn in his grave at the abuse that is being carried out with his name. There is no more news. Politics and industry, protected by the media mace, do what they want: a perfidious game behind the scenes that reminds us of times long past: E.g. armament! The military-industrial complex, which was severely weakened after the fall of the Wall, has reawakened. It's not about point war, as in the last 30 years, according to the motto: bomb the enemy in the Hindu Kush with a drone so that the CIA could collect the opium by itself. No, it is about real armament with nuclear warheads. No, not the Russians! The Brexit English have a wet Commonwealth dream! Yes, Boris Johnson wants to increase the planned limit on nuclear warheads from the current 180 to 260! Full Cold War - That Can Get Hot Quickly! Just like in the 60s and 70s of the last century.

The fading call for oil is loud again. The OPEC countries were just reducing their production. Immediately the mining companies from Commonwealth-Canada step in and are greedily looking for OPEC-free oil. The Canadian company ReconAfrica is endangering the world's largest cross-border nature reserve, the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, which also includes the Victoria Falls and the unique Okavango Delta, with its oil drilling operations. After the civil war in Angola finally ended in 2002, and the country was quickly rebuilt thanks to its oil reserves, the first elephants from Botswana pushed their way back to their old home areas in Angola and Zambia. Here, the border fortifications had to fall in order to make the natural migration of the 250,000 elephants in the area possible. The transnational park was established in 2012. The Canadian drilling plans now threaten not only to destroy the sensitive ecosystem of one of the largest and most animal-rich wetlands in Africa, but would also affect the lives of the San who have lived there for around a hundred thousand years, just like the existing diamond mining of the Canadian Lucara Diamond Company in the Kalahari had already done this. Under the British company Gem Diamonds, the San were expelled from their tribal areas (e.g. from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve). Deprived of their livelihood (hunting animals for their own consumption in harmony with nature) and resettled into artificial places with no meaningfulness. As a result, they numb the senselessness of their existence with alcohol and drugs as well as the indigenous population in the US American reservations or the Germans in permanent Covid19-lockdown.

In Brandenburg, Tesla puts its fat ass in the beautiful, but monotonous forest. The forest destroyed. Tesla hungers for water and drains Berlin, the capital of Germany. Ignorantely at the same time Tesla is demanding a green climate certificate from the corrupt politicians (who made this deal possible in the first place) for the production of a product that nobody needs, nor helps the climate. E-mobility is no better than oil mobility. Only with the explosion of the right gas in the engine could we travel the world in a more environmentally friendly way.

On the other hand, the climate will change without human intervention. In about 1,500 years the precession will reach the equinox, i.e. we will move from the ice age into the next warm period. The ice age will only end when there are no more glaciers or permafrost on earth. Whether humans accelerate this process by a few generations does not change the problem for the biosphere and humans themselves. At some point, the sea level rises, the land masses get smaller, the temperature warms. The ecological niches are change, species become extinct and new ones emerge. And man remains ignorant and is banished by God.

Dr. Marcus Schuetz

biologist & writer

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